RUSA 2021-2022 Bills

Beneath all of the Bills and Resolutions are how the voting broke down in the Assembly

RUSA Bill S21-01 Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget Approval Act

 Vote: Passed by Unanimous Consent


RUSA Bill S21-02 Bill to Approve the Fall 2021 Allocations

Vote: Passed by Unanimous Consent


RUSA Bill S21-03 Creation of the 2021 Constitutional Reform Ad-Hoc Committee

Vote: For 26| Against 0| Abstain 5| Present 3


RUSA 2021-2022 Resolutions

RUSA Resolution S21-01 Resolution to Condemn Hinduphobia & Co-Sponsor "Understanding Hinduphobia" Conference

Vote: Passed by Unanimous Consent


RUSA Resolution S21-02 Resolution for the Appointment of an Interim SAS Senator

Vote: Passed by Unanimous Consent


RUSA Resolution S21-03 Resolution to Adopt the Zoom Safety Recommendations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Vote: Passed by Unanimous Consent


RUSA Resolution S21-04 The LGBTQ+ Pride Events Act

Vote: Passed by Unanimous Consent





RUSA 2020-2021 Bills

RUSA Bill S20 - 10 Fall Allocations Approval

RUSA BILL S20-12 A Bill Addressing Reform & Accountability for the Rutgers University Police Department

RUSA Bill S20-13 Solidarity and Call to Action Act

RUSA Bill S20-14 Create A RUSA Seal (C.A.R.S.) Bill

RUSA Bill S20-15 Standing Rules Changes

RUSA Bill F20- 01 Bill to Approve the Referendum for 2020 RUSA Constitution 

RUSA Bill F20 - 02 Bill to Approve the Referendum to Put Forth Three Student Voting Positions on the Board of Governors

RUSA Bill F20-03 Guaranteeing Responsible and Environmentally Efficient Norms Act (G.R.E.E.N. Act)

RUSA Bill F20-04 Bill to Designate RUSA Fall Retreat

RUSA Bill F20-05 Bill to Approve Fall 2020 COVID-19 Updated Club Allocation

RUSA Bill F20-09 Bill to Appropriate Donation to the Rutgers Student Food Pantry Amid COVID-19 Fall 2020 Outbreak

RUSA Bill F20-06 Bill to Amend the Standing Rules to Affix Governing Council Allocations

RUSA Bill F20-11 Bill to Approve the Spring 2021 Allocations Board

RUSA Bill F20-12 Special Events Funding Authorization Act of 2020

RUSA Bill F20-10 Bill to Approve the Spring 2021 Allocations

RUSA Bill F20-15 Bill to Sanction the Creation of a Mandatory Bystander Intervention Training Program for RUSA Allocations Funded Organizations

RUSA Bill F20-13 Bill to Sanction the Creation of a Monthly RUSA Newsletter

RUSA Bill S21-01 Standing Rules Act of 2021

RUSA Bill S21-02 Ethics Reform Act of 2021

RUSA Bill S21-03 Elections Code Reform Act of 2021

RUSA Bill S21-04 Bill to Adopt Uniform Legislation

RUSA Bill S21-05 Bill to Move Training of Peer Educators for Bystander Intervention Training for 2021 to the Week of April 19th

RUSA Bill S21-06 A Bill Addressing NJ Bill S3030: The Reproductive Freedom Act

RUSA Bill S21-07 Omnibus Governing, Referendum, & Ethics Act of 2021

RUSA Bill SS21-08 Coalition Legislation A Bill to Increase the Representation of Different Communities Within the Assembly

RUSA Bill S21-09 Bill to Approve the 2021-22 Allocations Board

RUSA Bill S21-10 Ethical Economic Action and Social Investment Act

RUSA Bill S21-11 The Julia Baxter Bates Act


RUSA 2020-2021 Resolutions

RUSA Resolution F20 - 01 Resolution to Honor the Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RUSA Resolution F20 - 02 Resolution to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Tyler Clementi’s Passing and Honor His Legacy

RUSA Resolution F20 - 03 Resolution to Endorse the Bi-Partisan Presidential Debate Watch Party

RUSA Resolution F20-04 Resolution to Partner with Listeners On Call for Trial Services

RUSA Resolution S20-07_ Resolution to Welcome President Jonathan Holloway

RUSA Resolution S20 - 08 Resolution to Endorse S.E.A.’s Letter to President Holloway

RUSA Resolution F20-16 The Justice Resolution of 2020

RUSA Resolution S21-01 Resolution to Co-Sponsor the Black Rutgers Community Forum

RUSA Resolution S21-02 Resolution to Co-Sponsor the Eagleton RU-Running? Event

RUSA Resolution S21-03 Resolution to Recognize the 14th Anniversary of RUSA and Designate a Feb. 18th Holiday as "Student Unity Day"

RUSA Resolution S21-04 Resolution to Address University Policy 10.2.11 regarding Marijuana Possession

RUSA Resolution S21-05 Resolution to Adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Antisemitism Definition 


RUSA 2019-2020 Bills

09-05 RUSA Bill F19-01 “Bill to Create a RUSA Internship Program”

09-05 RUSA Bill F19-02 “Bill to Authorize and Fund the Fall Inaugural Ceremony”

09-19 RUSA Bill F19-03 “Bill to Fund a RUSA Kick-Off Barbecue”

09-19 RUSA Bill F19-04 “The Dynamic Funding Model Transparency Act”

10-03 RUSA Bill F19-05 “The Allocations Transparency Regulation Procedure Act”

10-03 RUSA Bill F19-06 “Capital Allocation and Secure Handling (C.A.S.H.) Act”

10-03 RUSA Bill F19-07 “Bill to Designate RUSA Fall Retreat”

10-31 RUSA Bill F19-09 “Bill to Appropriate Funding for Bussing to the Parsons Elementary School Polling Station”

11-07 RUSA “Bill F19-08 Capital Allocation and Secure Handling (C.A.S.H.) Act”

11-07 RUSA Bill F19-10 “Bill to Mandate the Consistent Documentation of the Meal Swipes for Charity Program”

11-21 RUSA Bill F19-11 “Bill to Approve Funding for RUSA Apparel”

02-06 RUSA Bill S20-01 “Bill to Correct the RUSA Elections Code”

02-27 RUSA Bill S20-03  “Bill to Endorse and Allocate Funding for the Open & Affordable Textbook (OAT) Program”

03-15 RUSA Bill S20-05  “Bill to Appropriate Donation to the Rutgers Food Pantry Amid COVID-19 Outbreaks”

04-02 RUSA Bill S20-06 Securing Allocations to Fund Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) Act_

04-02 RUSA Bill S20-07 Resolution to Urge Rutgers Administration to Achieve Zero Hunger

04-02 RUSA Bill S20-08 Bill to Approve the 2020-2021 Allocations Board

04-02 RUSA Bill S20-09 Bill to Establish a RUSA Clicker Bank


RUSA 2019-2020 Resolutions

09-19 RUSA Resolution F19-01 “Resolution Concerning the Allocation of SAS Senators”

09-19 RUSA Resolution F19-02 “Resolution to Grant the Fall 2019 Meal Swipes for Charity Program to the Rutgers Food Pantry”

10-03 RUSA Resolution F19-03 “Resolution to Establish a RUSA Mentorship Program “

10-31 RUSA Resolution F19-04 “Resolution to Add Three Students to the Community Oriented Review Board (CORB)”

11-07 RUSA Resolution F19-05 “Resolution to Support the “No More Hungry Knights””

11-14 RUSA Resolution F19-06 “Resolution to Cosponsor IFC’s SVE Banner Campaign”

11-14 RUSA Resolution F19-07 “Resolution Regarding the Report on MidKnight Snacks”

01-23 RUSA Resolution S20-01 “Resolution to Add a Student Representative to the Language Engagement Project Steering Committee”

01-23 RUSA Resolution S20-02 “Resolution to Condemn the Conditions of the Sale of Lincoln Annex School”

02-13 RUSA Resolution S20-03 “Resolution to Co-Sponsor a Professional Development Workshop”

02-13 RUSA Resolution S20-04 “Resolution to Endorse VeoRide and Approve Contract Negotiations”

02-27 RUSA Resolution S20-05 “Resolution to Endorse the Implementation of Feedback Boxes at Student Centers”

03-36 RUSA Executive Board Resolution S20-02 “Resolution to Acknowledge COVID-19 REFUNDS, Grading, and University Workers”