Officer Updates

What are Officer Updates?

Officer Updates are given towards the beginning of most RUSA meetings. This is a time when the Executive Board of RUSA would if they have anything to say, give a quick update to the assembly of what they are currently working on.

This is great for people in the assembly who aren't part of other committees to see what they are doing, to see what the President and Vice President are up to, and for all members of the public to see what RUSA as a whole is working on.


Officer Update 2020-2021

Officer Introduction 2020-09-03 

Office Updates 2020-09-10

Officer Updates 2020-09-17

Officer Updates 2020-09-24

Officer Update 2019-2020

Officer Updates 2019-09-19

Officer Updates 2019-09-26

Officer Updates 2019-10-03

Officer Updates 2019-10-17

Officer Updates 2019-10-31