Core Committees

Core committees are the committees most critical to the assembly doing its job.  Their existence is required by our constitution, and the consent of the student body is needed to change them.

Academic Affairs

Chair: Maya Ravichandran


Academic Affairs is charged with communicating with the Rutgers administration and faculty.  Their job is to address student concerns regarding their education.

Internal Affairs

Chair: Grace Daniels


RUSA's Internal Affairs committee is the internal investigatory body of RUSA, with jurisdiction over our Standing Rules & Constitution and the powers to start investigations into, impeach, or censor members of RUSA.

Legislative Affairs

Chair: Miguel Ribau


The Legislative Affairs Committee is tasked with advocating at the local, state, and federal levels of government on matters which impact our student body. Committee work includes doing policy research, keeping track of current affairs, building coalitions, and interacting with legislators and legislative staff in the pursuit of implementing policy goals.

Public Relations

Chair: Nina Gohel


Public Relations covers all social media, technology, and online communication for R.U.S.A. Whenever we have an event for the upcoming year, such as an Administration Town Hall, Healthcare Panel or Author Spotlight, Public Relations will be there to quickly get the word out while being able to infuse their own personal ideas during the process.

University Affairs

Chair: Zunaira Wasim


Standing Committees

Standing committees are the permanent committees of the assembly, created by internal changes to our standing rules.

Health and Wellness

Chair: Alyssa Vanveldhuisen


Student Affairs

Chair: Tiana Youngblood


Sexual Violence Education

Chair: Jay Virani